Embracing Technology and social business

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On Sunday 28th September 2014 JivAnt web solutions was invited to do a presentation for the Aga Khan Economic Planning Board's Ignite the spark series of seminars held at the prestigious Ismaili Centre, South Kensington, London.

Embracing Technology and Social MediaWe where amongst other professionals and successful industry experts specialised about Internet, Technology & Social Media.

It was a very pleasant well organised interesting day for ourselves. Our topic of discussion was "User Experience within Mobile Business". We were very excited to share our knowledge and experience with a very engaging and enthusiastic group of people. 

We have transcribed our presentation and you can download the presentation in pdf format and listen to the first workshop session (coming soon) we presented in The Ismaili Centre.

We are always interested how you experienced the presentation and would appreciate it if you could write a comment below.


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