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UX Design

What is UX Design?

UX is short for User eXperience.

UX Design take your customers needs into account at every stage, from the usability of your website's home page to adding one of your products and services into their cart to making a payment and receiving an email invoice, by understanding your customers.

"UX is the difference between "a good" and "bad" website. Experience design is not always about the new".

Sometimes you want to maximise the value out of an existing user experience by tuning and improving the way it works for your customers. One or two cycles of customer testing and interaction design can sometimes create huge commercial gains and dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction.

Having documented user scenarios and user journeys can be really valuable, not just to highlight customer pain-points as a focus for improvement, but also to create a shared understanding within your business about the digital experience you are trying to build.


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