SharePoint Branding and Design Services

As your brand is important to you, it is also important to us, Jivant Web Solutions Ltd., will not compromise your brand on your SharePoint Intranet or SharePoint Website. Jivant Web Solutions Ltd.'s consultants are experts in SharePoint branding and design, and can create beautiful designs on all versions, including 2013, 2010 and also SharePoint 2007. Our SharePoint consultants can deliver outstanding digital designs to make your brand standout from your competitors.

SharePoint Intranet and Website Design

For a better User Experience and Adoption

When SharePoint is one of your essential internal applications that you want people to use on a daily basis, it's vital that your clients can interact with a great looking, well branded online service that will make them want to interact while also adopting the solution quickly. Whether applying your brand to a SharePoint website or designing for SharePoint Intranets, SharePoint 2013 & 2010 has its own niceties. Whilst out-of-the-box SharePoint provides form and functionality you need to increase business productivity, we believe a wonderful user experience is key to increasing SharePoint user adoption. We focus on User Centred Design (UCD) techniques in our designs. It's easy to create a wonderful looking website and forget about the interactions with the user which is the main reason for creating the site in the first place. By focusing on UCD, we can analyses how users are likely to user interface, but we also tests for the validity of the users assumptions through via usability testing.