Script writing service
Writing a Script for yourself or getting a professional agency to complete your Script writing?

You’re an expert at what you do, we are experts with everything to do
with Web and website marketing including whiteboard videos.

Scriptwriting for whiteboard animations.

You’re an expert at what you do, we are experts with everything to do with Web and website marketing including whiteboard videos.

Script writing option:

Our clients often find it useful to have a scriptwriting option. You might have heard the saying ‘never outsource your scriptwriting’. The reason why they say that is because an outside your company will never know your business better than you do.

We believe that last part is true, but for all your expertise in your own business, writing a script for a video is a very different skill and requires a different kind of expertise. That’s why we offer our scriptwriting service under our optional extra elements, which costs just £50 per minute of video.

How we write scripts for our videos?

We aren’t going to write your script by ourselves, that is not how we work nor will it provide you with the best results. To get the best script possible, we collaborate the work with you to present your concept in the best way.

Firstly, we need you to complete a creative brief and send us any other material or guidance you want us to use or consider. Using this, we will complete a first draft of your script.

We will send this to you the first draft of the script for feedback and comments, then revise the draft until both you and we are happy.

You can change anything you like and we can discuss different ideas as well as how to present them. We will only move on to the next stage when you’re happy that the message within the script is clear enough and we are happy that the script will work well for a whiteboard animation.

Top tips for video scriptwriting

Why don’t we just give you all the knowledge you need to know so you can write your own script?

 It is not that simple, but if you are looking to write your own script, here are our best pieces advice we can provide:

  • The average voiceover artist will speak 150 words per minute. So, a 5-minute video requires approx. 750 words
  • Remember to write what your audience needs to know, not what you want to tell them
  • Always use plain English, it’s better to be clear than to try to be clever
  • Better to focus on the benefits of your product and not the features
  • User your ideal customers as the main character in order to tell your story, so they can relate.
  • As you are writing your script, read your script out loud to a friend or a colleague to see if it makes sense.